About Us

Ronda’s Kitchen Blog connects friends of the Orofino Country Store and Deli on 206 Johnson Avenue in Orofino, Idaho.  Here, store owners Dr. Jim and Ronda Said live out their serious passion for promoting optimal health.   This blog is dedicated to sharing recipes for food preparation as well as healthful living.  We hope you come back often and discover your life enriched by doing so!


4 Responses to About Us

  1. Valena McEvers says:

    I need some good gluten free bread recipes and cracker recipes. Please!

    • Hi Valena! Sorry it has taken so long to respond to your request! We finally have a web designer who is helping me get some new recipes on this site! I meet with her tomorrow to get started! Stay tuned for some good recipes…. Gluten Free Crackers and Gluten Free Bread recipes will be loaded within 7 days!!!

  2. John Patton says:

    Hi Ronda,

    We spoke briefly in the Medford office. Jim has me on a Vegan, gluten-free, fructose-free diet with a number of other restrictions. Every recipe here violates the diet in one or more ways. I haven’t come up with a recipe yet that I actually enjoy. I am eating in survival mode. If there are recipes or suggestions for this restricted diet, I’d certainly be interested. Any ideas would be most appreciated.

    Best regards,

    John Patton
    Phoenix OR

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