In Vitamix:

¾ cup organic sesame seeds (unhulled best)

2/3 cup organic Santa Cruz lemon juice (or juice from 2-3 organic lemons)

½ cup olive oil (first cold pressed is best)

Blend starting slowly (so seeds don’t fly up on the sides).  Increase speed gradually.  Blend 1-3minutes until you get a thick paste.

Add (in any order):

Organic Black Beans:  2 cups cooked (or one can, with or without liquid)

Organic Garbanzo’s:  2 cups cooked (or one can, drained and rinsed)

6 cloves fresh garlic

1 rounded tsp. Celtic salt

2-3 T. Oregon Spice salsa seasoning

4-6 inches of organic leek (my favorite)—use both green and white parts.


2-4 organic green onions


½ medium organic yellow or red onion

I often do a combination…2-3 inches of leek, and 2 green onions)

Add enough water to turn the Vitamix.  Maybe 1/4 to one cup.

(If you use canned beans with liquid and canned garbanzos, you will not need much water.)

Blend thoroughly.  This is the basic recipe.

I also love to add:

3-6 green olives

If you like a bit of a “bite”:

Jalapeno (1 fresh, or 1/8 cup canned)

If I don’t have jalapeno, a little red chili pepper or cayenne is good.

And you can add just about any other kind of spice or herb for variation…but I’ve found nothing is quite as good as the basic plus olives.


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