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Sushi anyone? The challenge is how to do it with WHOLE RICE instead of refined white rice. When the hulls are left on the rice as nature intended, the grains tend to not be sticky enough for sushi. But here is a WHOLE GRAIN RICE recipe that is “sticky” enough for even vegetarian sushi! Continue reading

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In Vitamix: ¾ cup organic sesame seeds (unhulled best) 2/3 cup organic Santa Cruz lemon juice (or juice from 2-3 organic lemons) ½ cup olive oil (first cold pressed is best) Blend starting slowly (so seeds don’t fly up on … Continue reading

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1 cup lemon juice 21/2 cup water 1 cup chia seeds 1 teaspoon salt or to taste 1 Tablespoon Italian seasoning 1 teaspoon basil In a 1 gallon glass jar or large mixing bowl, mix the water and lemon juice.  … Continue reading

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Chia Facts:
Chia, officially named salvia hispanica is in the mint family. It is the best known source of omega three fatty acids. The Aztec Indians primary crop was corn. Chia seeds were their second most used food item. Mexico’s Taramahara Indians are known for the great endurance, often running a hundred miles as a group. Chia and water are the only foods they take on these runs.

Seven tablespoons of chia seeds are equal to 7 grams of fiber. Continue reading

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